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6 Harmony Foundation

6 Harmony Foundation Inc. (6HF) | 501c3 nonprofit outreach organization | Riverview, FL

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//6 Harmony Foundation

Project Details

6 Harmony Foundation is a website designed for a nonprofit organization. This site will provide easy and instant information for visitors about services that they provide. Various functionalities like CTA's and donation forms across the website allow visitors to easily get in touch or make a donation. Website is build on CMS that offers easy content management and maintenance.

6 Harmony Foundation

6 Harmony Foundation

6 Harmony Foundation Inc. (6HF) is a 501c3 nonprofit outreach organization that aims to address various issues within the community, by providing a safe, nurturing environment with access to social support services, education, transportation, health and wellness for the individual and families of all ages throughout FL

  • Date : 14.09.2020.
  • Client : 6 Harmony Foundation
  • Skills : CSS, PHP, CMS
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