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Guided Life Education Center

Guided Life Education Center | Facilitating and supporting the achievement of professional/personal educational goals of all test/instructional candidates in the Tampa Bay and surrounding communities

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Online portal for professional exams, certification, licensure exams for individual’s personal or professional development, growth, and advancement​. This site will provide easy and instant information⁄quotes for visitors about services that they provide. Various functionalities like online booking and CTA's allow visitors to easily get in touch or book their examination. Site also utilizes accessibility menu which provides functions for visitors with special needs like: dyslexia friendly option, larger text, removing animations etc. Website is build on WordPress CMS and offers easy management.

Guided Life Education Center

Guided Life Education Center

Guided Life Education Center (GLEC) is an auxiliary unit within Guided Life Care Planning Services (GLCPS). It supports the organization’s strategic efforts to ensure candidates success by administering professional exams, certification, licensure exams, numerous agencies, businesses and institutions. We believe in delivering quality and reliability through our examinations and certifications that assure not only an individual’s growth but growth of an organization too by having and retaining such skilled employees. Candidates both student and professional alike may take advantage of GLEC’s portfolio of exams

  • Date : 21.05.2020.
  • Client : Guided Life Education Center
  • Skills : CMS, CSS, SEO
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