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Košutnjak film

Košutnjak film produkcija | Movie, TV production and marketing company | Belgrade, Serbia

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Košutnjak film is a website designed for a movie/tv production company. This site will provide easy and instant information for visitors about services that they provide. In addition to showing their portfolio, website offers visitors to go to the online shop page and with few simple steps order one of their products and to follow news trough blog like page. Website is build on CMS that offers easy content management and maintenance.

Košutnjak film

Košutnjak film

Kosutnjak film is a production company for film and TV production, publishing and marketing.

Since its founding in 2005, we have participated in the production of the most watched cinematographic and television projects, including feature and documentary films, feature series, DVDs and literary editions.

The documentary feature film “Where the Yellow Lemon Blooms” is the first Kosutnjak film project.

In many years of business, we have achieved successful cooperation with many television and publishing houses and we are considered a leader among producers of feature films and series in Serbia.

  • Date : 14.02.2019.
  • Client : Košutnjak film produkcija
  • Skills : CSS, PHP, WordPress
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