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Minh Nhi Tailor Shop

Minh Nhi Tailor | Tailor Shop | Hoi An, Vietnam

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Project Details

Minh Nhi Tailor Shop is a website designed for a tailor shop based in Hoi An, Vietnam. This site will provide information for visitors about services that they provide. In addition to showing their portfolio through a gallery of images, website offers visitors clear info on how to find or to contact the tailor shop. Website is build on CMS that offers easy content management and maintenance.

Minh Nhi Tailor Shop

Minh Nhi Tailor Shop

Minh Nhi Tailor is a quality custom tailor offering design for a highly individualized, sophisticated look. Style is built not on fashion trends, but on personal taste and perfect fit. True style blends personality, quality construction and a custom fit. Minh Nhi creates patterns for each client based on his choices in fabric, color and cut.

The result is a beautifully tailored appearance that you will love to wear.

  • Date : 21.05.2018.
  • Client : Minh Nhi Tailor Shop
  • Skills : CSS, PHP, CMS
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