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Emotional Reflection

Canadian visual artist | Winnipeg, Manitoba

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//Emotional Reflection

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Portfolio website for a visual artist. This site presents artworks for visitors in clean way with interesting portfolio navigation and without too much unnecessary information.

Emotional Reflection

Emotional Reflection

I’m a Canadian visual artist, based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, living the sweet life. For me, art is a part of how I see the world, and part of everything I do. I sense colour, see music and often create using unusual combinations of both. For as long as I can remember, I created. So although I’ve been creating art for nearly 30 years, I’m self-taught and have never received formal art training. The passion to create is multifaceted. I create innovative community outreach programs, research and support through my private practice, through the provincial social services charity that I founded, and through photography and other visual mediums like pencil, paint and multimedia.

  • Date : 10.08.2020.
  • Client : Emotional Reflection
  • Skills : CSS, PHP, CMS
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